Learn how to market your NFT collection for massive sales

You have honed the NFT concept and art theme. You have established specific objectives for how your NFT arts will look and how they will be arranged according to rarity. 

Congratulations if you are one of the numerous NFT enthusiasts who just debuted an NFT collection, whether for financial gain or other reasons. But now comes the challenging part: selling it.

There are a ton of projects available in the NFT market, and hundreds are being released as we speak. Unless you’re a well-known artist with a sizable fan base, it’s unlikely that your distinctive NFT collection will gain much attention if you don’t promote it. Hence, it could be difficult for your NFT project to gain attention, leading to no sales.  

Creating a distinctive NFT marketing plan can increase your project’s visibility. And as a result, your NFTs receive the best returns and more bids. However, if you lack the necessary information and abilities, marketing your collection won’t be easy. For this reason, you must employ the services of an NFT marketing firm like KentroLabs or learn how to market your NFat collection yourself.

This article will cover every aspect of NFT marketing, from why you should do it to the most effective strategies for promoting your NFT collection.

Why should I promote my NFT collection?

Sales. The main goal of an NFT collection promotion is to attract enough interest that will result in the sale of each NFT artwork. However, we can surmise that the three main motives for NFT creation by artists are financial gain, trend-following, and increased public awareness of their work.

Whatever the cause, they cannot advance without a promotion. With proper promotion, you can get more people to notice your art and encourage them to support it. However, some NFT artists, particularly beginners without a marketing team, simply print NFTs and stop there. 

Therefore, promotion is crucial if you want to succeed financially. Your profit and personal brand will both benefit from the promotion. By promoting your NFT project, you attract not only collectors’ interest but also the interest of other artists with whom you might like to work with in the future.

How do I promote my NFT Collection?

The core of your digital collectable project is NFT marketing. By promoting, you can attract buyers and investors to your NFTs. Additionally, a strong marketing plan generates excitement about your project, which boosts its worth. There are numerous strategies you may use to market your NFTs, but getting the desired hype that will result in sales needs a step-by-step NFT marketing strategy.

Research: Create potential buyer or customer personas to learn more about your audience

The first step in any project should be audience analysis. This analysis aids in identifying the desires and motives of their ideal customers. Once you ascertain your possible audience or future buyers, you can then develop messages that attract the attention of your viewers.

Hype: Draw attention to your project by building anticipation for it

NFT artists should draw attention to the launch of their NFT collection as the unveiling is a critical step that should treat as a grand affair. Employ various popular channels, collaborate with influencers, take part in several community forums, and contact various media outlets to spread the word about the launch.

Promote: Create a catchy teaser for your NFT project

The next stage is to market NFTs. Many marketing professionals employ a range of strategies to advertise an NFT project. The creation of a captivating teaser, however, is one of the essential strategies that guarantee output. A trader consists of an eye-catching image and an intriguing short sentence about your NFT project. 

If done well, it can get the audience captivated and ready for the launch. The teaser can be shared on a variety of social media platforms, online shops, and your website for better visibility. According to research company Ninja, 60% of Internet users prefer video content to text-based content, thus, video marketing generates more interactions than blogging. 

Get Social: Use social media for promotion

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a sizable audience to sell your NFT on Twitter. All you need is an effective social media marketing strategy to make your art collection go viral.

The use of social media marketing is a fantastic self-promotion strategy. When there are many NFTs in a collection, NFT artists are advised to post each individually on their social media channels. As previously indicated, you should begin preparing your audience for the release at least two weeks beforehand.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Telegram, and Snapchat are all excellent marketing methods for showcasing your drop. To spread the word about your artwork to a wider audience, you can also work together with well-known influencers. Utilizing paid advertising makes it simple to build a sizable following. For the best results, paid advertising should be employed in addition to organic promotion.

Employ hashtags on your social media posts. Hashtags are a wonderful way to find popular subjects and the most recent information on all major social media networks. You can also simply perform searches for various hashtags to determine which ones are most popular. Always use those hashtags while publishing new content to expand your audience

Build a fan base: Create an NFT Discord community 

An NFT community on Discord promotes and adds value to your company. Since it’s difficult to establish a community across numerous platforms, it’s crucial to engage the community you’ve established. 

By selecting moderators, you can manage your community. These influential members of the community guide your team on a variety of topics. You can either appoint active community members or some of your brand’s members to fill these responsibilities. 

To build an engaged community, a project team should use the community to develop enduring relationships with its customers. NFT artists can also learn about client tastes and preferences through this link to create better products and services.

Rank: SEO Marketing

An excellent platform for showcasing your work is a website. It also puts you in a good position to draw website traffic from Google, Yahoo, and Bing. There is, however, one small problem. You must rank your website on Google’s first page if you want to receive a lot of visitors, and it takes months of good content and SEO optimization to get a high ranking.

Regardless, good search engine optimization involves many changes, such as keyword research, title and tag optimization, and link and page optimization to increase speed and the overall user experience.

Keep up: Create a Newsletter Page

Since weekly newsletters are published by the vast majority of bitcoin exchanges, media organizations, and other platforms, ask them to include your NFT release in the upcoming email for a token. You can also create a small but loyal email subscriber list that can grow in the long run.

How can KentroLabs help promote my NFT Collection?

Marketing plays a key role in developing an NFT collection. We at KentroLabs are aware of this and have developed a strong tool for artists that works well with NFT Creators as well. To create a top-notch advertisement for your NFT collection, it is advisable to work with a seasoned NFT marketing company. At KentroLabs, we work tirelessly to create the content that will promote your NFT projects the most and provide the greatest visibility.

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